A company of Group ASSA ABLOY

Yale locks are the best known in the sector, setting the standard in security for years which makes them synonymous with quality and preferred by connoisseurs and specialists in the field, that’s why they are the favorite locks in the world. Yale introduces the latest technologies in the security of homes, offices and commerce to the market. The products range from digital locks that surprise users with innovative opening methods to safes with codes that provide the highest security to valuables.



A company of Group ASSA ABLOY

Phillips has managed to remain market leaders thanks to its innovation, quality. For decades, it has worked on being the true effective and innovative suppliers of door opening solutions, ensuring with its safe, comfortable and well-designed solutions providing a real added value.


Exporterio S.A. de C.V.

Manufacturers of the most complete range of nails and annealed wire as well as screws, polished wire, Cold Rolled steels in bars, threaded rod, studs, tubular hinges and a long detail of products for industrial specialties, and for the gigantic construction and furniture shop.


Bekaert Guatemala S.A.

N.V. Bekaert S.A. is a global company based in Belgium. Its main business is the transportation of steel wire and coatings. With operations in 45 countries.

bemis - rep

Bemis Mexico S.A. de C.V.

Quality. Design, Innovation. This are the principle that have guided Bemis for generations.
Bemis understands the diversity of global markets with its unique characteristics. Bemis has operations located throughout the globe to deliver products that meet local specifications.
This way of doing business “Global Quality, Local Service”  has made Bemis the Global Leader in the Manufacture of Plastic and Wood Sanitary Seats. With operations in 6 countries, your products are ready and available to meet your needs, no matter where you are in the world.



Following strict quality standards, Formiline laminates from Brazilian origin are constantly updated, providing furniture manufacturers with high quality and excellent finishes.

Formiline laminates are widely used in civil construction, in the coating of walls and floors and are also applied in the production of concrete formwork, sheet balance, and the production of partitions, facades, etc.


Goizper S. Coop.

Goizper is a cooperative society founded in 1959 in Guipúzcoa, a Spanish province of the autonomous community of the Basque Country; specialists in the construction, design and marketing of sprayers in the agricultural, industrial, public health and gardening sectors with their brands MATABI, OSATU, INTER and IK (equipment for industrial applications and public health).
The delegation of Goizper in El Salvador is one of the eleven delegations in the world and is located in San Salvador in the offices of Representaciones ARCA S.A; being the Goizper technical headquarters for Central America, the Caribbean, Mexico and Colombia; where training, training and promotion of GOIZPER spraying equipment are coordinated.

goni- rep

Thesus de México S.A. de C.V.

Industrias Goni is a Mexican company, with 30 years of dedicated to the design, manufacture and marketing of air equipment and application of paint, accessories and consumables for the tinsmith, painter, blacksmith and carpenter. They provide their users with high productivity tools and equipment at very competitive prices and with all the necessary spare parts.

metalco rep

Metalco S.A.

Metalco, a leading company in the production of coated and shaped steels, has the largest production capacity in the Central American area. What makes it one of the leading companies in the construction sector in Costa Rica. Among the products we offer are polynes, sheet, pipe, industrial pipe, structural, rectangular, mesh for profiles and profiles.


Aceros Alfa S.A.

Aceros Alfa S.A. began its operations in Honduras in the year of 1983, as a factory dedicated to the production of reinforcement rod for construction seeking to meet the needs of the local market. The products we offer are smooth, corrugated, square and twisted rods.

Black Jack Tools

Black Jack India Ltd.

They are one of the leading manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of hand tools, cutting tools, carbide cutting tools, precision cutting tools, cutting hand tools and more. Accredited with ISO 90001: 2000 by DNV & GS certification, Black Jack India continues its efforts to maintain the level of quality to create a lasting relationship with its clients.

Alico Export-Import

Alico Export-Import

Alico Export-Import is a company with a range of ceramic sanitary products, wall and floor tiles, toilet bowls and bidets, bathtubs and wash basins, bathroom equipment. Also abrasives for natural materials, abrasive discs, abrasive papers and canvases, vulcanized fiber discs.


Popular Hardware Tools Company Limited

Popular Hardware Tools is an export company that offers a wide range of hardware products, promotional items, home, gardening, security items and more from China, having the advantage of adapting to the needs of the local market.


Louis Delus GmbH & Co.

Louis Delius is a company that works with a wide variety of German and Asian products, in the fields of hardware, construction and industry. It works together with its associated companies, continuously updating itself, to adapt to the requirements and demands of the market.

Fair-Firsts Industrial Co., Ltd.

Fair Firsts Industrial Co. Ltd.

Fair Firsts Industrial Co. Ltd. is an exporting company that offers a wide range of hardware products from Taiwan.

Fu Yang Industrial Co., Ltd.

Fu Yang Industrial Co. Ltd.

Fu Yang Industrial Co. Ltd. is an export company that offers a wide range of hardware products, books, promotional items, household items and more from China, with the advantage of adapting to the needs of the local market.